Kyoto Emissions Tracking Solutions
FlowPhase Inc. is now offering a software package that will most accurately monitor the conservation and emission of CO2 or other greenhouse gases. Mass Trak is a software package easily linked to existing measurement equipment that will produce detailed Kyoto CO2 emissions reports for auditing purposes.  Existing meters, gas chromatographs, grab samples, or manually entered compositions can all be configured into the program to give a comprehensive and thorough calculation of your Kyoto CO2 credit or deficit.  The program is easily installed on most existing facility computer systems onto a backup HMI (Human Machine Interface) computer running Windows 98 or newer, or else an appropriate computer system can be added to your facility.

Mass Trak can be configured for a number of different inputs, ranging from fully manual input to fully automatic real-time processing of input data from your facility, requiring only that “Print” be pressed to obtain your up-to-date CO2 credit report.  Mass Trak keeps a detailed database of all measurements taken, so reports from any time period in memory can be generated.

Gas streams that are high in CO2 often have significant deviation from many of the EOS (Equation of State) models available, which is why Mass Trak utilizes the AQUAlibrium EOS calculation engine.  Commonly used gas compositions are obtained using on-site gas chromatographs or else grab samples of a gas composition processed at a laboratory.  These compositions are almost always taken on a dry basis, which necessitates an EOS model that can correct the gas composition to include the water content that was not accounted for.  AQUAlibrium is the most accurate model for acid gas or high CO2 streams available on the market.  The average deviation in mass flowrate between utilizing AQUAlibrium versus the next most commonly used equation of state for a high CO2 and water wet stream is in the range of 5%*, which is a very significant source of error.  There are other significant sources of error that Mass Trak can help mitigate error in Kyoto credit tabulation at your facility, please refer to the Mass Trak website pages for more details.

Mass Trak is currently running on a number of acid gas processing/injection facilities in Northern Alberta.
Please contact Stuart MacKenzie at FlowPhase Inc. for more information.  We can provide a detailed quotation for the software package and any hardware that may be required for your particular facility.

*5% was the approximate average deviation seen for existing Mass Trak installations to date.
Precise Control and Optimization of Gas Processing
Precise control and optimization is important for gas processing facilities. It is difficult due to the changing flow condition, gas composition, and properties. GCFlash works online to provide the control process with the real time phase and flow properties of the streams, which are critical to make the best set points of the control.  

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