PDrop is a handy tool for quick pipeline sizing purposes. For gas pipelines you can now compare, at the touch of a button, the results of:
  • Weymouth
  • Panhandle A
  • Panhandle B
  • IGT
  • AGA
  • Darcy (also used for liquid line sizing)
For mixed liquid and vapour flowlines, you can compare the results of:
  • Lockhart-Martinelli (recommended for plant piping)
  • Beggs & Brill (recommended for pipelines of known slope)
The benefit of using this industry accepted correlation is that validity has been accepted to be conservative. You can verify results by hand calculations of published correlations rather than rely on someone's proprietary database. If you are currently performing Beggs & Brill calculations by hand, you will appreciate the timesaving that PDrop gives you. With the FlowPhase input screen, you:
  • Do not need to make an estimate of compressibility factor 'Z'. The program calculates Z for you with an input of the gas gravity or molecular weight and operating pressure.
  • Easily convert all common flow measurement units at your fingertips, whether you're going from BPD to LPM or Nm3/hr to MMscfd.
  • Have a pipeline diameter determined immediately when communicating with field personnel, instead of "tomorrow".
Download a free trial version of PDrop here!


Below are some sample calculations using PDrop:

Example 1: Pipeline Correlations Input & Output screen

Example 2: Two Phase Beggs & Brill

(Click on the images for a larger version)
    * Inclined at five feet rise per hundred feet horizontal

Example 3: One of two available Flow Pattern maps

* For Two Phase Beggs & Brill Calculation from Example 2

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