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General Overview
GLEWpro is a Windows application to estimate the phase, property and flowing profiles along the well bore.
It applies the most comprehensive thermodynamic model of flow available in the well bore. Enhanced by the AQUAlibirum phase equilibrium engine, GLEWpro is able to handle the phase changes in the well bore, the heat transfer between the stream and formation, and the flowing behaviours from wellhead to bottom hole.

The accuracy of GLEWpro becomes even more pronounced when the system contains sour/acid gas and water.

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A comprehensive model for the multiphase flow (vapour, water, and condensate) is implemented to provide the phase and flow profiles along the well bore. The biggest advantage of the GLEWpro model is the accurate estimation of the fluid phases and properties, as well as the overall conservation of mass, momentum and energy conservation.

The thermodynamic features of the particular wellbore fluid mixture has a large impact on the model. AQUAlibrium is integrated into the model to help calculate the fluid properties and component phase distribution. The phase equilibrium may change along the well bore due to pressure and temperature changes, fluid gravity, and heat transfer between the fluid and surrounding formation.

The model sets no limits on the flow direction and tube segment orientation. It is suitable for either production or injection. It can also be used for the horizontal and inclined tube segments of a well bore.

Functions and Features
GLEWpro estimates the wellhead pressure, well bottom pressure or flow rate through the tube with the following profiles:
  • 3-Phase profiles for vapour, water, and condensate
  • Flowing profiles for flow rate, velocity, pressure, and temperature
  • Property profiles for density and viscosity
GLEWpro can be used for both injection and production flows with the consideration of heat gain/loss and from/to the formation. It can handle a blowout, choked flow as well as, a well bore consisting of a vertical incline and horizontal sections.

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Case Study
GLEWpro has been applied on many engineering projects due to its excellent performance and accuracy for sour/acid gas flow in a well bore. Noted below are samples of engineering projects that have benefited from the use of GLEWpro:

  • Kharg Island Acid Gas Injection, Kharg Island Iran, by Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd., 2005
  • Anderson North Normandville, Alberta, Canada, by Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd., 2005
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