The engineering programs listed below have been developed by engineers who have years of experience in the oil and gas industry. The programs find the solutions by taking into consideration of how engineers conduct their projects, which allows users to achieve accurate results by utilizing the information that is normally appropriate for the problem at hand.
AQUAlibrium 3.1
Is software designed for systems containing Water, Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Dioxide, and Light Hydrocarbons. It has a well-deserved reputation for being amongst the most accurate software for equilibrium calculations in these types of systems especially for Acid Gas and Water System information.
Is an online OPC client/server application that obtains compositional data from online Gas Chromatographs (GC) to provide instant phase equilibrium and gas property analysis. GCFlash can calculate instantaneous dew points, heating values, or a number of other properties from the composition of your process stream. Moreover, this data can be used to optimize your process.
Is a Windows application to estimate the phase, property and flowing profiles along the well bore. It applies the most comprehensive thermodynamic model of flow available in the well bore. Enhanced by the AQUAlibirum Phase Equilibrium Engine, GLEWpro is capable of handling the phase changes in the well bore, the heat transfer between the stream and formation, and the flowing behaviors from wellhead to bottom hole. The accuracy of GLEWpro becomes even more pronounced when the system contains sour/acid gas and water.
Hydrate Plus 1.12
Allows the user to predict hydrate formation temperatures and minimize inhibitor injection costs with one easy-to-use utility! Provide Hydrate Plus with a gas composition and you can plot Hydrate formation curves, or solve directly for the hydrate formation temperature or pressure.
Is an OPC client application used to monitor the streams of a gas facility and provide a detailed material balance for desired components. By obtaining real-time measurements from facility measurement equipment, Mass Trak calculates real-time cumulative material balances, utilizing detailed data management and the most accurate possible modeling for stream flowrates and material content. This allows Mass Trak to generate the highest accuracy reports for Acid Gas Injection, or CO2 credit reports in accordance with the Kyoto protocol. Stream data is recorded in a reliable SQL database. Abnormal events, such as flares, can also be logged into the database allowing Mass Trak to produce detailed flaring reports in accordance with government regulations.
Monitors oil and gas pipelines day and night for the occurrence of any leak. It operates on the basis of SCADA measurements at the two pipeline ends.

Ultra-fast leak response, accurate leak locating, and reliable and detailed notification and reporting will help your company reduce the risks of environmental damage and revenue loss. The state-of-the-art design of PIPELEAK uses a comprehensive combination of all the best leak detection methodologies available.

VLEFlash 4.01

VLE Flash is no longer competitive in the process software market place. Newer programs have become available that have many more equations of state, many more hydrocarbon components, and many more calculation blocks.  Some of these programs are open source or otherwise available at no cost to the user.
After much consideration we have decided not to sell VLE Flash any longer, nor make any efforts to upgrade or develop enhancements.  Follow this link to our recommended alternative software packages. 

We recommend VMGSim as a suitable replacement:

For a free thermodynamic simulator please visit:

PDrop 1.02
Is a handy tool for quick pipeline sizing purposes. For gas pipelines you can now compare, at the touch of a button.
CompHP 1.02
Is a compressor horsepower calculator. The CompHP replaces the cardboard circular slide will rule that just about every natural gas engineer has received from a compressor vendor at some point.

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