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Take the opportunity to evaluate which license and services are best suited for your company. We offer a variety of ways to order FlowPhase products.
Please contact us via telephone or email to purchase and register the software.

We accept and Corporate Purchase Orders.
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License Activation
FlowPhase requires two workdays to process your order and register your purchase(s). Once purchasing
is complete follow these steps:
  • Check available updates and download the latest version. Free updates can be obtained for up to
    one-year from date of purchase.
  • Install the programs onto your company's system.
Activate your license(s) manually or online. Once the license has been activated it is non-refundable.
Therefore, take the opportunity throughout the trial period to evaluate your software needs.
Price List
Five-Year License





AQUALibrium 3.1
CompHP 1.03
Hydrate Plus 1.12
PDrop 1.03
VLEFlash 4.01
$ 968.00
* Canadians paying GST are required to fill in the shipping address, to meet PayPal requirements.
  1. Canadian purchase will add 6% GST on the total.

  2. Software can be purchased on CD for a fee of $75.00 per CD, plus shipping and handling.

  3. Free technical support is available to Registered Users only via e-mail for one year.

  4. Once the one-year free service has expired for Five-Year License, a yearly service fee of 25% of the purchase is required to ensure uninterrupted service and technical support continues. Failure to comply will result in the immediate termination of the free update service for the remainder of the Five-Year License.
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